painter storage

So I went on winter wilderness survival training and winter camp out on the snow. We use my solo as a sled to bring in a bunch of stuff and haul wood. A canoe is the biggest sled they make.

anyway when I left after two days in the woods I did a toss and go at the car and the painter line landed on a large velcro patch of the pack harness from one of my dry bags we used to pull the canoe. The rope attached itself to the velcro. So well I am thinking about putting a large patch of velcro on the bow to hold the painter it would hold it tight and pull off easy.

Has anyone ever done this or any thoughts on it.

before I glue velcro to my boat.



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to run painter to thwart in front of me in solo so I can reach it to hold onto while exiting boat. Simply tie a quick release knot.

I Used To…

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.....Mount bungy to hold mine on the decks. If you have floatation, I've seen folks tuck painters under the lashing, too. The First pic is an example:
Lately, I decided I don't want to drill into the decks of all my canoes. So, I just daisy chain mine so there will be about 3' or so hanging out to grab hold of it I'm swimming.

daisy chain
I forgot about the daisy chain we use to use it on ropes when I was a linemen. That is nice and E Z. I too have a hard time drilling a boat. They say you should drill for a pvc pipe for lining rapids. I would rather portage many trips than drill my canoe! LOL Someday they may be necessary. I am going to do some testing due to the lack of input on it. If it works I will post it. If is does not I will claim I never tried it. LOL