I am looking for a Velcro for the bow painter in my canoe. I would like a stitched one with a loop for the rope with a second loop 90 degrees to the other for the brace in the bow of the boat. Suggestion and a link?

Suggestion and no link
You can buy Velcro straps in all sorts of configurations at many types of stores, and five minutes with a needle and thread will produce the item you desire.

Sometimes, Velcro can be contact-
cemented to itself, or to backing strap material, to save stitching. You have to be careful that the contact cement doesn’t get into the hooks or loops.

I believe Velcro is usually Nylon, and so has some water affinity. Some that I contact-cemented onto the nose and tail of a kayak, to control grab loops, would get rather slack when wet. In seeking Velcro supplies, look for heavy duty or that designed for water use.

here’s one

do you wish to restrict the bow painter in this manner? My preference is that painters are free floating in case of overturning.


Make one or use bungee cord on the deck.

Try some of these
Try some Bungee Dealee Bobs.