Painting a Kayak

I recently picked up a year old Perception tandem kayak from Ding Darling park when they bought new ones. It’s in good shape except for scratches from branches and dragging - so I would like to paint it.

Does anyone know the best paint for polyethylene…? I did a small test with a spray Veldspar plastic paint and it seems to hold where the area was sanded, but not in other areas. Would sure like some advice from someone that has tried this.



Are a badge or honor and should be displayed with pride. Don’t try to “fix them” nothing holds on that plastic.

Just go paddle.

303 will brighten it up
but the formula in the ‘plastic’ defies painting.

Make bigger scratches
That way you won’t notice the old ones as much.

Seriously, forget trying to cover scratches.

Very few people do it.

I don’t recall seeing any poly boat that was painted. I suspect that, with the flexing of the hull that goes on in normal, the paint job would not hold up well for very long anyway.

There might be better uses of your time and money.

If you must, you can try a company
named, “Chemtronics”. I watched them use this paint on a metal railing, in a Spa, over a steaming hot tub without any scraping or sanding. If anybody has “Polypaint”…