Painting a kayak

I got a good deal on a used poly-plastic kayak. What type of paint would I use to make it a different color? Spray paint or brush on? Any suggestions from someone who has done this before would be appreciated. Kim

never done it
But what I have read repeatedly on this formu is that it cannot be done…stuff just doesn’t stick to it.

(Now watch someone chime in and tell me how wrong I am)


You’re so wrong!

see what happens when a guy

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manages stay upright for a year? sheesh! They think they know everything and start disagreeing with their elders.

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You cannot paint the entire hull.
However, if you want to paint some decorative flashes on the top deck, where they will not be subject to wear, then the following will work pretty well.

Mask off the areas around where you want to paint. Clean, sand, and clean again the areas to be painted. Buy a quality spray paint like Krylon. NOTE: no one has presented data that Krylon Fusion works better on polyethelene boats than ordinary Krylon spray paint, but if the Fusion does not cost any more, and comes in the color you want, go for it.

Spray with quick strokes, trying to lay down only a thin, “dry” layer each time. DO NOT lay down a big, thick layer, as it will “orange peel” and not stick well. Allow each thin coat to dry thoroughly. After three coats, if you have covered the area enough to get an even color, stop. The thicker the paint layer, the more likely it will be to peel off. Thin, dry layers mean better adhesion.

Again, DO NOT paint the entire hull. Paint will quickly scrape off the bottom of a poly hull.