painting a kayak

looking at purchasing an ugly colored used yak. can they be painted? what kind of paint should be used? best technique to paint if you don’t have a sprayer? thanks. all help appreciated

bonding to plastic

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can be tricky, if its PE, x-link or not or LLDPE which maybe it is one of if, its rotomolded or thermoformed, bonding anything to it for long - post process can be difficult. what is krylon, an acrylic primer? then you can know out if it bonds to PE or not.


You can always mask off the
bottom and paint the top. Even if you are careful, the paint will wear off the bottom pretty quickly. Make it a two-tone with the transition near the water line.


I have to be honest
I think grey looks great on kayaks.

I like Bright
for safety reasons

safety reasons
For safety reasons might just use the reflextive perimeter lines, they show up really well and will work alot better than paint on poly.