Painting a Old Town Discovery

I just picked up a used Discovery 169. It’s been well used and already has a coat of paint that doesn’t look that great. Can someone recommend a good paint for it? I’ll be contacting Old Town for a new decal as the old one was painted over. Color Red


you can set it on fire
or read another hint from

I suggest putting in a minicell pedestal
under the center thwart so that the boat doesn’t oil can. I paddled a 169 rental that was pooching up so bad in the center that it ruined the handling.

Paint is a non-starter. Wash a dog, comb a dog, groom a dog, still a dog.

Your best bet when you contact
Old Town is to find out what would be the paint remover of choice!

Don’t paint it !



I’m guessing
Krylon Fusion, spray can paint made for plastic. I use this on my Royalex boats and it’s good. Only problem is the Red paint seems to clog quickly in the nozzle. My boats are turning green because green doesn’t clog.

Looking for a picture of one of Matt’s
red/green boats. They are classics, but can be tough to photograph because Matt’s son Aaron usually has them in a hole down to the gunwales

Another guy I paddle with had his fiberglass prospector painted professionally at an auto body shop. Came out beautiful, and seems to be holding up well (but its not royalex)