Painting a plastic Liquid Shredder SUP

Okay so I recently purchased a 12ft liquid shredder sup and I’m excited to get out on the water with it! It’s not one of the standard fiberglass or wood boards, but plastic. Almost feels like a kayak.
My question is, if I sand it down and clean it off can I spray paint it? I’d obviously use a bonding agent and seal it at the end. I’ll also be buying a new traction pad, as the one on it is peeling.


Krylon Fusion spray paint in a rattle can. It’s formulated for plastic. Several coats.

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I hope you did not pay very much for that. It’s hard to tell in the photo but it looks like the polypropylene has a lot of UV sun damage. Was this stored outside? The plastic will become very brittle and can break with use, so check it out before you go far offshore or plan a paddle away from home or car.

What is going on with the fin box? It looks like it is damaged and warped?

Krylon will indeed stick to plastic, my advice is to use as is. Several coats of paint on a 12’ SUP will add even more weight and it won’t look very good over the damaged plastic.

Use your SUP and get some experience and then give it away or recycle it.

I only paid $175 for it. Im not sure how it was stored, but im assuming outside.

It’s not fiberglass or anything, definitely plastic. It doesn’t have a fin box installed but I’ll be ordering one to take it out and test how it does.

If I don’t paint it i was at least going to replace the traction pad. I won’t have any issues doing that will i? The pad currently is just cracked up. I also was going to install handles (im assuming one goes in the middle on the front of the board??) will it be bad if i drill the handles in?

I’m not sure what they use to attach the traction pad on the polypropylene plastic top. It’s probably some kind of glue like contact cement. For conventional SUPs taking the deck pad off is a gigantic pain, maybe less so for your liquid shredder. You’ll need to test how well your deck pad is going to stick using the adhesive that comes with it. Weldwood Red contact cement will probably work, you’ll need to buy a lot of it. Do you have a drain plug in the board? If you have a drain plug it’s probably safe to use padeyes and blind rivets to attach carry handles, but honestly you’ll be happier just using the center carry hole that is already there. Also make sure you use a leash, there should be a leash plug at the rear of the “board”.

It looks like it was stored outside, upside down in full sun, for more than a few seasons. Not ideal.

You’ve been an amazing help!!!

So i tried to peel some of the psd and it actually comes off fairly easy. I tjink I’ll stick with what you said and bypass painting it and just finding a nice new pad. I didn’t see any drain plugs. But i did find a carrier on amazon that I’ll order instead of drilling into it!!