painting a rotomold boat...

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so, i tried painting the name on the little flaoaty thing and had a near disaster.

i spraymounted the stencil on and then sponged in that rustoleum plastic primer. i kept telling myself to be patient before removing the stencil, but i couldn't resist just on peek.

boy am i glad i peeked!

the primer has bled under the stncil and was a total mess. i quickly ripped the stencil off and was able to get all the primer off, as well.

so, before i try this again, does anyone have any advice about painting a plastic boat? what kind of p[aint sticks or what doesn't, recommended procedure, etc.



Just blabbing, I’ve never tried it on a boat. I’ve painted lots of plastic models (for which it’s designed) & later horribly mistreated them without scratching the paint.

Available anywhere model cars & airplanes are sold, it’s the standard stuff.

Don’t waste your time with plastic
"primer" on poly. Sanding with 220 paper, then cleaning with a non-oily solvent (alcohol, even acetone) are sufficient. If you use a stencil, then use several very light “dry” coats so that there isn’t enough liquid paint on the surface at any one time to wick under the stencil. Think of it as spraying sticky powder, not as spraying a liquid film. Light strokes, several times, leaving time for each to dry. Also, a thin paint layer is less likely to peel than a thick one.

Don’t Paint
get some of those sticky back vynyl use for kitchen cupboards, or reflective tape, stencil the name and then stick it onto the boat. Clean the area first with alcohol.


Vinyl Sign
Do it the easy way! Go down to your local sign shop and have them make up your boat name in vinyl decal and attach it to your boat with a heat gun. No running paint - no messy hands - and if it’s misspelled it ain’t your fault.



That’s the way to go. It’ll be nicer than anything you can do with stencils. You can get some fancy fonts, pictures, whatever. It probably won’t be anymore expensive either. It’s been a few years since I’ve done it, but at that time I think I paid $12 - $15.

2nd this.
the letters are cut out by computer and the vinyl comes in a variety of fancy colors. Take the shop a disk with the font and point size you want and they should be able to find a close match.