painting a Royalex canoe

I just aquired a beautiful 12" Royalex canoe that I want to paint in a flat dead grass color for hunting but I’m told that paint will not adhere to Royalex. Any info on paint type, flat colors, suppliers, prep will be be greatly appreciated. THX, I remain; Dave Mac

The outer skin of royalex is vinyl. Any spray paint that adheres to vinyl will work.

For painting a whole canoe, you will likely need 3 cans, and then coverage isn’t perfect.

I’m sure there is a type of paint that would work - just know it is going on vinyl (not abs, which is the inner layers).

Sure it will…

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Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Ah' paints me' Royalex hulls all de time. Ah' use vinyl paint from OT or de other canoo manufacturers when ah' kin git it cheap. Had decent luck wit Krylon Fusion paint, too. Acrylic enamel will work too, but not as well in me'xperience. Surface prep is de most important thin' ta do first. Poly an' Royalite boats give ye de torments wit paints, not Royalex.

Take a gander at dis here paint job - had a flashback ta de '60s....

Fat Elmo