painting a royalex canoe

I own a 1981 Coleman royalex canoe that looks like horse puckey. I bought it from a neighbor going through a divorce. He “painted” it camo, origional color was red. I sanded it down to get the camo off and there was many areas of “body putty”, I guess covering up scratches. I called Rustolium Krylon hot line and they said Fusion would not stick in water, but I do not leave canoe in water, I pull out every day.

As I said, canoe is red but bottom is red and white/tan where body putty was applied and BLACK where camo was applied and I am hesitant to sand through it and maybe the base material too. I need a paint that has a lot of pigment to cover the colors I have now. Epoxy? Vinyl paint, as I have read on other sites? I would like to get back out on the water in a vehicle that does not look like it qualifies for Obamas’ junker clunker $4500.00 rebate.

Coleman in Royalex??
that’s news to me. I use Krylon fusion on my royalex canoes and it holds up well. I think your Coleman is really polyethelene, and the krylon fusion should stick to that as well.

Matt’s right
Coleman did not make Royalex canoes…it wouldn’t meet their target price. You have a polyethelene canoe.

I’m not a paint expert, but the Krylon fusion should work adequately. Any paint you try will scratch easily, though, so be prepared to either accept that or to re-paint frequently.