Painting a royalex hull

I have a 13 year old royalex canoe. The hull is sound but the color is faded and stained. I would like to repaint it. Any recommendations on how to prepare the hull and what type of paint to use on Royalex?

Epoxy Paint
such as Imron, kinda extensive but good.

You should sand the hull and go finer and finer with your paper until you get a very smooth base.

BTW- I’ve had reasonable luck restoring painted and gelcoated hulls, (boats, not yaks or canoes) using a combination of rubbing compound, bon ami, and elbow grease.

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How about reparing holes in the vinyl
I have a canoe needing some attention in the form of skid plates and repairing holes in the vinyl skin. I’ve read here before that you can repair those holes with some of the skid plate resin before painting. Any advice on methodology and/or surface preparation, etc?

old town
makes a paint for royalex. It comes in a spray can. I’ve used it with success. There are also repair kits for royalex hulls, like a 2 part putty. Check your canoe store, esp. if they carry old towns.

On the Mohawk site…
in the repairs section it tells you what kind of paint to use. I can’t remember what they called it. I tried that new spray “Fusion” stuff and was disappointed with the results.