Painting a roylex boat

Has any one here painted a roylex canoe with oil base paint , and if so did it adhere OK ?
If “yes”, what brand of paint ?

I have generally used Krylon Fusion spray paint in a variety of colors and the bond seems to be good. Of course, any paint can scratch off. For some reason, the Krylon Fusion red paint tends to clog up the nozzle on the can before all the paint is used, so if you are planning to use red, you might look for another brand. Valspar and Rust-oleum both make spray paints which are formulated for outdoor plastics. I have not used either. I have heard some good things about Valspar.

I used Krylon Fusion with no clogging. Works good, but make it multiple coats.

I called Mohawk and the guy I talked to said that no paint will stick to it, but then it dawned on me my wife has been using the Krylon and the Rust-oleum on plastic chairs for a long time now, and the coverage stays on great.
I was guessing that it would be good on the Roylex, but wanted to hear from those that have used it.
I have some more patching and sanding to do on my $25 canoe and then I’ll be painting it

Another option in a roll on and tip paint might be Pettit EasyPoxy. While I have not used this on a Royalex boat, I have used it to paint the bottom of an Esquif Mistral canoe made from Twin-tex, which is a plastic material, and the adhesion was good.

EasyPoxy is a polyurethane with silicone mixed in, which gives it a really nice, gel-coat-like sheen. It is easy to apply. Roll it on with a foam roller, and immediately tip it out with a disposable foam brush. Yields a sprayed-on appearance.

I sand hull and clean with denatured alchol . Before painting. Adhesion works great.

My process:
Remove all stickers/logos, and clean off any leftover adhesive with Goo gone and alcohol.
Vigorous scrub down of hull with clean water, and stiff bristle brush to clean out dirt/etc in cuts/ skid marks on hull.
Rinse hull well & let dry, until bone dry.
Lightly sand hull; give hull a good rinse and let it dry.
Use masking tape to cover any parts you do not wish to be painted. Take you time doing this.
I use Krylon spray paint. I give the hull a minimum of 3 coats. I only paint on a bright, sunny day.
Allow 2 to 3 hours of drying time (in direct sunlight) between coats of paint.
Remove masking tape, and see how you did.
I always have new stickers/logo made and apply them to the hull after the paint job.
Have also used Krylon on decking, after following process noted above.
I do not paint plastic gunwales, Just apply a couple of coats of 303 to those.
My advice is to set aside a full day to do the job. The end result will be just about as good as the time/effort you put into it.
I highly recommend the job is done outside, and not on a windy day.
Use same color paint for hull touch up, as needed.

Photos are of my last effort.