Painting a SUP

I recently bought a used Race/Touring board.
For fitness and general use.
The board it’s self is a sound condition.
Just a bit grubby, needs a bit or cleaning up.
It’s a bit on the plain side for me.

I am seriously thinking for sanding it back a bit and giving it some colour followed by a clear coat.

Has anyone giving it a go here?


I’ve done a lot of kayak, waveski, surfboard and SUP repairs. From experience I would probably just leave it alone. A lot depends on the construction, is it expoxy on the top coat? is it polyester (lots of boards have a polyester top coat), is it carbon with a abs/polyethylene finish). I’ve gotten to the point where I just use a rattle can spray paint (Krylon I believe) to color repair spots on my SUS boards, and a hot coat of epoxy if they epoxy boards, My favorite now are kevlar/abs they are carbon with distressed white finishes, so ghetto look doesn’t hurt anything. Adding a full layer of paint and a top coat, adds a lot of weight to your board and in a year or two will look like crap, so my advice is just clean it up, and go paddle.

I’m with SeaDart on this one. It’s a tool, a means to an end. It isn’t a piece of art.

Use it a lot, and only abuse it a little.

No it isn’t a an epoxy or resin finish.
It’s a painted finish.
It is a matte finish.
You can see that when the rail tape was removed some of the paint finish came off with it.
I’m fairly certain it’s a painted finish,
You can see when they put the stencils down to put on the art work the paint over laps the original finish, you can pick at it with your nails.

Well in that case have at it. Don’t make the board too heavy to carry with too much paint. What is the brand and model of board you are dealing with? You do realize it does not look too good, because someone else probably already painted it .

Its a Lokahi 12’6
It’s like that from new I have looked on line at the 2015 versions of the boards and they all have the same graphics as this one.

Never heard of this brand before, quick google search says it’s made in france and has lots of PVC layers in the construction. I would be most worried about the yellow brown spots around dings I see in the picture, I have no idea what you are going to find underneath, and if the board is water tight. yellow-brown dings on regular boards are no bueno, you end up cutting out the compromised surface and digging out foam, replacing foam after long periods of drying. With a wood and plastic sandwich construction I have no idea how leaks will affect it.

This is the layup on this particular board.

The board was bought from the guy who is the Irish distributor.

This was his own personal board.

The ding on the front is brown as he has repaired it , but not sanded and painted it.

This is a repair job?

If it is fiberglass/foam construction, you should press against the foam around all areas that look like that and make sure it’s not soft or spongy, if it is ,the board takes on water, and you will need to do a better repair job. It may just be a problem of the photograph, but the repair job looks pretty sketchy.