Painting Aluminum

I have an old aluminum canoe that I want to paint, any suggestions?

Try this, its easy!
Aluma-hyde 2 by Brownells: 1-800-741-0015 or

I’ve painted many things with it including my tin jon boat.

Epoxy-based spray on no brainer. Almost like a primer.

Drab colors only. (Camo)

Earth brown is my favorite, but theres more.

Just sand with palm/orbital sander with 180grit black/waterproof sandpaper, hose off clean (important), let dry (drink a beer or soda), wipe down with acetone, (drink another beer or soda),

and spray it on. Then have another liquid refreshment and walk away. Hot days are the best (80degrees or +). Thats how I do it, and its been 3 yrs no flaking. Good luck- Bill

Painting aluminum
If you search this board you will find alot of info on painting aluminum.