Painting canoe

I want to paint my Pelican Explorer canoe in a camoflauge pattern. Has anyone done this? Is there a stenciling kit available for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You don’t really want to do this
I’m pretty sure it requires one to reduce their IQ by a full third.


sorry, couldn’t resist

Paint will not permanently
stick to the polyethylene hull material. It will start peeling off the first time you put it in the water.

Krylon fusion
is a plastic paint, it may last longer than regular spray paint. What do you need a stencil for? The more random the pattern the better the camo will be.

paint polyethylene
Find somebody who works in a printing company that prints on plastic. There are some great UV inks that could be rolled on with a hard rubber roller.

Seriously, consider a small aluminum boat. It would be much more stable for activities like duck hunting and any automotive spray paint will stick to aluminum.

Rustoleum Painter’s Touch
That’s what I used to paint my old sea kayak and my Dagger Blackwater 11.5.



In water…

The only paint that has come off is on the bottom from scratching rocks.

Sweet job
looks nice

Chemtronics make a paint that will stick

I Agree with Space ghost…I painted my Poly Kayak with rustoleum Plastic Spray…It’s Fine…

Yes It wears off so touch ups are nessessary…

But So What…! The Comment about IQ was Irresponsible and Rude…Have Fun with yer’ boat.

I have custom Painted Designs on My Kayak’s It Makes Them Uniquely MINE…If you wanna Lower your IQ…Then BUY every Yuppy attachment and Clothing that matches those people that you WANNBE like…I am an Individual and My Boat is an extension of me…Camo is Easy Just go Wacky like Nature…LOLOLOL…Have fun…ken

WHY do you want a camoflage pattern?
Pelicans are swamping and being driven into logjams all the time. Camoflage only makes them harder to locate.