Painting kayak???

I bought a 12’ Walden kayak from a friend and it’s banana yellow. I’d love to paint it olive drab or tan to help camo it so I can use it as a floating blind to photograph birds. They sell marine paint for duck hunting boats in these colors. Does anyone know if paint will adhere well to the plastic boat or have a bad reaction? Thanks in advance.

almost a lost cause…
No paint really fuses that well with poly. The best stuff you can use probably is Krylon Fusion spray paint but even then I would be concerned how much of it would wash/peel off into the water.

may help
I have no experience painting plastic boats, but for plastic parts on cars you can wash with soap and water, scuff with fine Scotch brite, prime with either a plasto-flex primer or Flexprime, and paint with a flex auto paint. Might be worth looking into

walden paint
do it the easy way walden made a camo cover for hunter fishermen find a dealer who has left over stoc and you can find a deal. mine new out of the box is about 30 bucks they also made half and full skirts. any problem give me an email and i will check with my dealer and see what he has or if he can help find one near you

My friend
painted his yellow boat. Most of the paint is on it still, however scratches and rubbing will eventually wear and show the original color. He used krylon camo paints. If ya don’t mind touch up once in a while it might be ok.

Thanks everyone for your help. I’ll look into those Krylon paints.

Check This One Out
I don’t know what kind of paint Jason used, but look him up (Spaceghost79) and ask him. He’s got his Dagger Blackwater painted up in Michigan maize & blue and I know it’s lasted a few years now. Here’s a pic of it. WW

Rustoleum Painter’s Touch spray paint
The best paint to use on any poly kayak. Gets the job done every time (despite what some nonbelievers here have said in the past)!