Painting kayaks

Wilderness Systems painted a couple of their rotomolded kayaks a year ago and here are some photos about how well the painting held up.

Periodically I see a post about painting kayaks and I thought that this might help anyone who’s thinking bout it.

alter ego?
Is guy the American incarnation of Justine Curgenven?

What and add a few ounces to my yak?
Holy cow John, I could never stay with the pack in the races then!

Hey Jack!
Yeah, I agree with that one. Why carry around the weight of the paint?

But, in the past, some folks have asked about doing this.

Wasn’t W/S that did it.
It was just a kayak fisherman guy. He posted about it on the Kayak Fishing Stuff site when he did it.

I realize that, but I just had to get my
two cents worth in like that the weight of that “lamp shade” hat you wear.

“Lamp shade” is politically correct isn’t it ?

Jack L

I guess 303 won’t help…

Since when have you been politically correct??? grin

why not paint your plastic boat …
… if you are feeling artistic and want to make a joke out it . No one would expect it hold up and stay looking like day one would they ??

Demo Deby autos get neat paint jobs sometimes , half the fun could be messing it up again and doing that in style .

The guy who painted his two yaks there obviously knew what he was going to do to them over the following year don’t ya think ??

Although his paint schemes (at least the orange one) are a bit elaborate for my taste , I think the dude’s got some class in the right kind of way … as in here’s mud in your eye bucky .