Painting your boat's name on

In another thread, the question was asked, “Did you name your boat?”. Now the question is, "If you named your boat, how did you put the name on it? Paint, Stick-on letters…?

Oh, and you might want to mention what kind of surface you boat has ie. plastic, wood, what ever.

Vinyl letters.
Go to your local sign shop and have them make your boats name out of the same stuff they use for trucks. I had my daughters name on my canoe in a real fancy font style and it looked awesome. It was gold leaf with a black shadow pattern (same as you see on fire trucks). The letters are super tough and wont fall off. hth

Vinyl Letters…
Had a sign shop make them…

Wood boat, put then over the FG and then a few coats of varnish over the letters… looks good…

Went to the local craft shop
A.C. Moore is the local craft shop. They have waterproof vinyl letters.

The letters are in all capitol letters, so I got a set of 1" for the first letter in the words, and 3/4" for the balance of the word. Having the 2 different sizes just adds a little extra to the name.

Custom made letters would be a lot nicer, but a lot more expensive.

Have Fun!

Electronic lable maker
with wide tape (about 1" high black letters) color matched to yellow plastic yak. Still there after a couple of years.


Link to my boat.
Here’s a link to my canoe with my daughts name on it. It’s not in color because I liked the sepia look for the shot. Here it is

lyons42 Very Nice!