Pak Boats "Swift"/Arrow 14 impressions?

In an effort to make hauling and launching kayaks less of a chore, I am considering folders.

The only boat I’ve found so far that has a desirable size/weight/cost ratio is the Pak Boats Swift, AKA “Arrow 14”.

I’ve read what little owner comments on the Pakboat products is available on this site, but am left wanting more.

Does anyone here have any first hand experience with these boats?

I am particularly interested in comments on the ease of assembly/breakdown, comfort, tracking, turning, and speed/ease of paddling.

For reference, our current boats are a fiberglass Impex Montauk (hers) and a Kevlar Impex Diamante (mine).

Durability of the frame and covering would also be nice to hear about.

The Kleppers, Feathercraft, Folbots and the like all have their good points, but weight, cost, or protracted assembly/breakdown make them seem less desirable.

So…what say you about the Pakboat Swift?


Very nice boat for travel. You might want to join this forum to find out more from Pakboat owners.