pakboat in swimming pool

Plan on practicing rolling my pakboat in a swimming pool. Called Pakboats and was told this should be ok as long as I rinse with fresh water and dry like normal. Is there any long term effects to being in chlorinated water that won’t show up right away? Anyone here have experience with a foldable in pool water?

skin OK, frame at more risk
Pakboats (depending on vintage) are made of either PVC or polyurethane coatings, neither of which is chemically reactive with chlorinated water.

But chlorine can cause corrosion of aluminum so I would be most inclined to rinse the inside of the boat thoroughly – I presume that you are taking the precaution of using Boeshield lubricant on the frame joints whenever you assemble it?

Though the anodizing on the newer Pakboat frames protects them better than the raw aluminum on older models (and on my Feathercrafts), if you are going to leave the boat set up after using it in a pool I would flush out the interior thoroughly before letting it sit.

Thanks, thought it might bleach the…
color a little out of the skin? Thinking the anodized frame should be safe? Will give it a good rinse after the pool and leave it assembled till dry.

The polyester they use is more fade resistant than nylon and most of it is coated – a properly treated pool should not have enough chlorine to bleach fabrics anyway. It would be more likely to fade from normal sun exposure. It’s not like you are going to leave it in there for more than an hour or two anyway.

Allowing a folder frame to dry before dissembling it is not always the wisest course. Certainly isn’t if you have had it in salt water and don’t have facilities to throughly flush it with fresh water. Corrosive water that penetrates the joints can cause them to weld together unless there is a good coating of protective lubricant.