Pakboat Puffin Saranac vs Packboat Quest 150 in the Great Lakes?

I am looking to upgrade my kayak, and one of the options I am considering is the Puffin Saranac for its versatility to be used as a solo or tandem. Another option is purchasing a Quest 150 (likely a second one as well). My current kayak is most frequently used as a tandem which is why I like the Saranac, but I am concerned about its performance on open water.

I mainly plan to use this kayak for smaller lakes and slow rivers, but I would still like the option to make a trip on the Great Lakes occasionally. Could either of these boats (with the appropriate experience/training/safety measures) be used to visit islands that are a couple miles offshore?

How would the seaworthiness of the Saranac compare to a Pakboat Quest 150?