Pal vs Bob Special

Well, about a year ago this post came up, and I am curious as to others thoughts on these boats. I am looking for a boat my kids can use when they go with me, and I can also use on a BWCA or Quitico trip solo. I love the Bob, but think maybe the Pal is better as a solo tripper for one or two weeks.

Anyway, I am looking for input from those who have experience solo paddling/triping with these boats in flat water, wind waves, etc. I do very little swift water paddling.

Thanks in advance,



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I tried both and bought a Pal.I also was going to use it sometimes for solo and the Pal definatly better for that due to its narrower width and it seemed easier to lean if you want to paddle that way.As a kids and utility boat the Bob is a little more stable,but as I recall the paddling stations were narrower on the Pal which would help kids.The Pal is noticably faster.I have no experience in rough water or long solo trips yet.What layup ar you considering? Mine is Royalite.If I like it enough I may get one in a lighter layup.
Good Luck,Turtle