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Sidewinder BIB pant combination question ~~ Is anyone using this combination? I am considering buying a Palm Stikine dry suit. I have the Extreme dry top. Bought it for the BCU symposium at Bodega Bay where I took a rolling class. It worked real well and kept me dry but I did not have to wet exit. So I would like to know if anyone has experience with this combination or a similar dry top & pant combination and how dry it keeps you.

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The problem with the bibs…
that do not have a relief zipper is that you will need Depends in order to take a leak. I emailed Palm about a relief zip last August and they said there were no plans to do so. Kokatat has relief zips and booties on theirs.

I watched a friend of mine go through amazing contortions trying to pee without removing his drytop completely. I wish I had a film of that, it was freakin hilarious.


If You’re Talking Palm Drysuits…

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they come equiped with relief zipper and booties as standard on the Stikine and I think optional on the lower end models. I am not sure if they make a bib.


Sidewinder dry top and bibs
I use the Sidewinder dry top and Sidewinder bibs for cold water paddling. I tested them for dryness during a one-hour rescue session, with several periods of swimming, and ended up with about a cup of water in each leg. The water came in the waist and over the top of the bibs. For the next test I will try putting the all neo spray skirt on top of the waist seals and see if that works better.


  • “custom” sizing: I use a large top and medium bibs.
  • mix and match options: I often use the top with farmer john wetsuit for milder conditions

  • As mentioned above, you are sealed in once you pull on the dry top, with no relief zipper and considerable effort to get out of the top.
  • I feel restricted around the waist area, with the neo body tube of the bibs, the double seal on the dry top, and the tube of the spray skirt all overlapping.
  • While the top and bibs are breathable, the neoprene chest tube of the bibs is not, and I come back from paddling wet around my chest from sweat.

    I will likely buy a dry suit for next winter because of the restriction and the breathability issues.

One more link to see

You do not want to be on Tahoe with a leaky drysuit

Thanks tsunamichuck!
I think I may have interuppted you at the Safeway gas station in Dixon a few weeks back. I drove up in my Element and asked you about your red Romany which was on top of your vehicle.

That was me

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Bowler1 and I paddled the Golden Gate that day and I can attest that his Drysuit was really a wetsuit.