Palm; NRS, MEC drysuits

Did not see any reviews on drysuits. I like my Kokatat just fine. I want to buy one for June, but she does not like the color of the nylon Kokatats. She likes the Palm Sidewinder, and NRS Extreme and the basic MEC. Also thinking about Kokatat bibs with a drytop. Looking for comments on dryness and durability.

has someone selling a “breatheable” drysuit from a company in England with metal zips and booties. Looks to about $400 when shipping is counted in.


that suit from england is probably a Ravenspring. i have one and love it. it’s every bit as good as a Kokatat but much cheaper.


Probably missed it, but…
the dry suits I observed on ebay in the price range you mentioned weren’t RavenSprings. They identified the model as a “Sola Marine Drysuit.” I guess I’d be concerned about a couple of things regarding what they state on Ebay about the suit:

  1. The suit doesn’t have a pee zip. Not a necessity, but a welcome addition!

  2. The booties are latex not Gore-Tex, so they might collect some moisture (condensation from the feet/suit) over the course of a day

  3. I wonder if the suit is articulated under the arms and back suitable for paddling. I can’t answer that from the picture and the description does not address the issue.

  4. I was wondering why the seller states that additional waterproofing compound has been added to the suit. I wonder if that would interfer with the breathability of the original material.

  5. Some drysuits provide suspenders (as does the Sola Marine Drysuit). A properly fitted suit shouldn’t need them, although some would prefer them. I wouldn’t want suspenders, as they add to additional bulk and can potentially act as a chaffing source (personal preference).

    The suit is definitely not a RavenSpring; if it were, and it were the right size, you’d have some bidding competition. Right now, UK manufactured suits are almost comparable in price to Kokatats because of the high currency exchange rate. I haven’t compared it this week, but if you are thinking about purchasing a RavenSpring, consult a currency converter first and factor in shipping.

    Some questions to the Ebay seller might eliminate some of these concerns. Good luck.

Kokatat has new colors, etc
Kokatat has more variations if you look around and soe new ones coing out January. She can choose frome green black, blue black, blue mango. New is a red black (they call the red something else, it is softer than usual red).

Not an old hand at dry suits, but I just went through asking all here about these very issues. I concluded that for sea kayaking at least, not whitewater or surfing primarily, the priority is on wearability first, durability a close second, and breatheability right up there. Most folks commented that other suits are quite good and can cost less, some felt that they were as good as Kokatat, few felt others were better, those few who did placed less priority on above issues.

I then concluded that Kokatat Gore-tex suits, with premium zipper are safe, comfortable, durable, easy to paddle in, and the Gore tex lifetime warranty is a must as this is what will cause you to problems with the urethane breatheables, as they all wear out with rough use.

I tried the dry top dry bottom route, failed concept. For one thing, ankle gasket are a pain and make for cold feet. Two, if one has a very high quality drytop like the Kokatat Wave, one witha very tight seal on the abdomen, it is possible to get a slow leaker fit. However, it is easy to get a big leaker and be uncomfortable and in trouble if take a swim. It also bunches up and is uncomfortable under the skirt and PFD. Some whitewater folks put up with it because they use it in a limited way and don’t want the expense of a drysuit.

Just my conclusions after listening to many many helpful folks here!

They say that its polyurethane coated breathable nylon. Most of the polyurethane coated fabrics that I have seen aren’t breathable. If you coat a breathable fabric with a waterproof coating, doesn’t that kill the breathability part?

There are breathable poly coatings
The relative waterproofness and breathability has to do with the thickness of the coating and its exact chemical composition. There are several w/b poly coated fabrics on the market.