Palm Silver semi-dry drysuit

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Oddly I can't seem to find any old comments here on this item. Any owners opinions? Thanks.

(I bought one but have not used it yet)

I have one
I have one, and have bee using it for a year or two now. Got it as a closeout from REI. Never liked a latex gasket on the neck, so never tried a “real” dry suit. But this one works fine for me. It does let a little water in the neck on rolls or when getting maytagged, but maybe a tea spoon per roll. If I seat it on my neck well, I can reduce this.

Palm used MTI as their distributor for the US, and that relationship has ended. Lots of blow out prices from everyone who still has inventory left. MTI says they will still be handling warranties. And Palm is looking for another distributor to go forward with for the future.

the booties
may be a tough fit if you have big feet or wide ankles. otherwise it’s comfortable and very well made. for me at least the neck gasket is a very good seal. Palm was recommended by ww paddlers

I have size 15 feet and a Palm dry bib.
The booties on the bib, which was an XL in size, are more than big enough.