Palm Stikine drysuit

Was all set to drop the hammer and buy this suit today when the salesperson said something I had never head before. Supposedly, because this suit is made with thicker material than both the Palm Torrent and Kokatat’s “regular thickness” Gore-tex, it “doesn’t breathe as well…”

I’ve read a couple for reviews of the Stikine and no one ever says that, or of they did, I missed it. I’m curious if anyone else has heard of this (or experienced it).


stikine drysuit
i have recently worn my new stikine while in florida; air temp about 70f water about 60-65f. i was comfortable in and out of the water - can’t say i thought it was less breathable than other 3 layer membrane fabrics, including goretex.

by the way, i am selling the stikine, size large, only because the outfit i guide and teach for is going to dress out in another company’s suit. palm makes good stuff.

wondered what site I was on
for a minute.

that doesn’t sound right…
Doesn’t more ply = better breathability? Otherwise wouldn’t 2 ply Goretex be better than 3 ply?

I have a super thick NRS Revolution dry top and it breathes just as well if not better than my thinner tops. Does anyone have a more scientific answer to this question?

Here’s some numbers…
…from Palm:

See if they stack up against Goretex. The 4 layer material in the Stikine is Palm’s most breathable and waterproof material.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies, guys…
Yeah, it didn’t seem to make too much sense to me, either.

Maybe Kokatat DOES breathe slightly better, maybe it doesn’t, but the darn thing fits really weird, hence my interest in the Palm (that and the fact that Palm suits seem to be getting great reviews all around).

In reference to that other forum, Bob’s Sea & Ski DOES still have them for 699.00. I even found a deal on the Palm Torrent for about $389.00.