palm torrent vrs stohlquist witewater

Which drysuit of these two would you recommend for whitewater paddling. Anyone with experience with either of these suits? I’m on a budget and these are in my price range.


I have a Stohlquist drytop that mates
with Palm drypants, and the design and functionality of both is quite good. Obviously I can’t comment on the complete drysuit from either company. The relief zipper on the Palm drypants is kind of stiff. The breathable booties are well-done, fit my enormous feet, and also fit inside my Chota neoprene booties.

Palm Torrent
I’ve worn a Palm Torrent for over 2 yrs and I’m more than satisfied. I don’t believe there is any comparable suit on the market for the price with the quality and features you’ll find in this suit. The company stands behind the product 100%. Palm USA replaced my original suit when I found an area that appeared to be delaminating with the newer updated XP200 material at no cost and no hassel. I researched the breathable membrane extensively and found it to be widely used in Europe in military, firefighting,and medical applications. I have not been disappointed in it’s breathability.