Paluski Fastwater

Paluski Canoes makes a poly boat called the Fastwater with interesting lines.

Has anyone ever paddled this boat?



Haven’t paddled it. Looks like a good
design for rivers, including easier whitewater. Not enough rocker for primary whitewater use.

I tend to respect the technical expertise of people from the rowing community, having been a sculler myself. But I do not know whether their “laminated” poly construction will be as durable under severe punishment as Royalex or single-layer polyethelene.

If you don’t really hammer the boat, it will probably be long-lasting. The claimed 65 pound weight is quite light for a poly boat.

tracks well, has a lot initial stability, very little final, though.

I bet, that’s one reason, they put the lip underneath the gunnels-to give the paddler at least some indication when to stop healing her.

Weight is underestimated and material is unrepairable if damaged. Better choice than a Coleman for a first canoe, though. Definitely too heavy and wide for kids. I’d rather buy fiberglass or a factory second RX canoe…

but that’s just me…

Have you paddled one?

Have you paddled one of these very much? Anything else you can add?



…had to buy one: a chainstore undercut my prices and customer commitment with those…I bought one for my demo fleet to show my customers what not to look for in a good canoe.

No one ever asked to buy this demo after paddling a Wenonah, Souris or Nova Craft.

The Paluski went into our rental fleet and is now in canoe heaven-unrepairable hull abrasion after only two seasons.