Pamlico 120 questions

What the biggest load you’ve put in your pamlico?

What is the biggest person that you’ve seen use it?

I’m 6’3" or so and weigh 230 and have size 13 shoe.


400 lbs Rating
I am not a big guy but the Pamlico 120 is rated at 400 lbs capacity so I wouldn’t think you would have any trouble carrying a considerable amount of gear. I have a 140 and have had zero difficulty carrying everything I can cram into it, of course I weigh only about 170.

Good luck,


even tho
the Pam 120 is rated at 400 lbs you might find the 140 a better fit, sizewise.

especially if you want to load 'er up.


oh, Briiiiaaaaaan…
Why are you playing with the dark side?






Dark Side :slight_smile:
And no Pam I am not your father.

I’ve owned plenty of kayaks before, so its no change. But I still plan to add another canoe so don’t worry.

Ok. I feel better now.