Pamlico 120 Rod holder question

I am looking at putting a rod holder for trolling somewhere infront of me on my Pamlico… just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to put it.

If you’re tackle is behind you, dead center. If your tackle is on strapped on the front deck, then on your off side. Better to lose a fish and keep upright with having your paddle in your strong hand than to lose your fish and your balance and take a swim.

Of course, if you’re not doing anything that rough, just stick it where you want. Most of the fish I fight are in the 2# range, so no big deal where I put it.

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Just freshwater Fishing
My fishing consists of various species of trout, smallies and chain pickeral… rarely a fish over 5 lbs.

The most important thing about placement
is locating the rod holder where it doesn’t interfere with paddling, but is easily reached. Take some time deciding where you want the holder. Maybe tape it in place and do at least a dry run siting in the kayak. Voice of experience. I placed my slightly too far forward. Fortunately, I’ve a sliding seat in my Loon and can move forward when I get to where I’m fishing.