Pamlico 135T vs. Twin Otter ???

Pamlico 135T vs. Twin Otter ???

I’m looking to buy my first kayak after spending many years paddling a barge (17’ square stern Alumacraft canoe). I’m looking for a tandem recreational kayak. Most of my paddling is on inland lakes and slow rivers, with my time split about half solo and half with kids. Both the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T and the Old Town Twin Otter look like good possibilities, but I’ve never been in either, so I’m looking for advice. Has anyone paddled both? What are the pros and cons of each? I’m I missing another alternative?

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In my opinion- 135T
I own a 135T and have rented a Twin Otter. The 135T is faster, tracks better and is more comfortable. The only issue which you may have to research is whether there is enough clearance in the 135T for the rear paddler to paddle without being obstructed by the front paddler; and I’m not referring to paddling in sync. If you have a high angle stroke with decent rotation in a short boat you may hit the front paddler in the head.

Good luck. I enjoy my 135T.

Twin Otter
will be much more expensive…:wink:

We purchased a WS 145T last year. It is great kayak, very stable, lots of room, 65 lbs. We have used it on the class II and Lake Michigan chop with no problems. I use it solo to fly fish from. Get a rudder if you want to paddle with the wife. Ours cost $975. easy to transport and load onto minivan, especially with the RollerLoader I found from this site. The 145T tracks very well with or without my wife in it. We can paddle faster together than some of our friends in their single yaks. Purchase one, you won’t be unhappy.

Pamlico 145
is a better choice than the 135 (you mentioned that you had a barge already; the 135 would not necessarily be an improvement in that respect). The 145 is a much better solo boat, and the narrower design allows smaller paddlers to actually reach the water with their paddles. For the extra $100, you get more boat.

Manitou II
Check out the Necky Manitou II in the Buyer’s Guide under New Products. One of our local shops is stocking them and they look pretty nice.

Yeah that’s what I thought, too
One of the best airplanes built IMO. Getting the yaks in the doors could be a bit of a challenge, even if the seats are out, but you can always strap them to the floats.

Even on floats they can take off in just a few plane lengths if empty.

Another to consider
Since you’re already looking at the twin otter, why not consider the Loon 160T?

True, at 75lbs it is a heavy boat, but a kayak cart takes care of that problem. I’ve owned one for several years and really enjoy it both solo and tandem with my wife. I have taken solo trips up to 4 days/95 miles and really enjoyed myself.

Last summer, I introduced my friend and his wife to kayaking. We took my kayak and rented a Loon 138, switching positions every hour. I was amazed that it was just as easy to paddle my 160T as it was the rented 138. The only difference was negotiating tight turns.

In my neck of the woods, several liveries rent the 160T, as well as the 138 and others. Like everyone else says, try before you buy.

Our 160T worked fine both solo and
tandem. The only problem I had with it was the weight of 74 lbs. After a long day of paddling, I had difficulty gettting it back on top of my car by myself.

I bought a used 135T last year and love it! It tracks much better than the Otter, has more room and is more comfortable. It weighs about 65 lbs. and can be heavy after a hard day of paddling, but worth it for the craft. the 145T is not as stable as the 135T, so if you are considering having kids in the craft, the 135T is def. the better choice. I’ve had three little ones (ages 1-7) in mine with me without any problems.

extra kids seat

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Can the 135T have an extra kids seat installed?