JUST PURCHASED this yak for necessary Marital Togetherness, And yes I have read the 2 boat theory over the years. . . Never had a Kevlar yak or never had a Tandem either. So please advise me on what special I should know on this model. Does Kevlar require any special care? Tandem handling special techniques? No I don’t expect “togetherness” rolling procedures, Thank all you tandem owners for your help, I don’t want to appear overly foolish on our first time out “together”.

I have a 135T in plastic which I enjoy

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As for technique, paddle on the same side of the boat in sync and the boat will really move nicely.

When we paddle, the bow paddler sets the cadence and the stern paddler handles the directional control.

I didn't know the 145T came in kevlar. Is it a new model? What's the weight?

I’ll take a stab
The boat just requires as much TLC as you wanna give her. An occasional rinse and maybe a wax job (not a Brazillian!) once in a while. Store outta sun, if possible. Don’t crank it down on the car racks.

The wife just requires as much TLC as you wanna give her. I’m sure she’ll take care of the rinse and waxin’! :wink:

Learn to syncro- paddle at a nice cadence. learn to move the boat around as a team. Going forward is EZ. For practice go sideways, backwards and in circles. Don’t asssume you always go in the back, her in the front. Let her drive.

Did you get a rudder?

Did you get her a ‘nice’ paddles? DO! and under 230 cm. wayyyy under.

Did you get her a nice PFD? a ‘girlie’ one?

Pack a Gucci lunch and go have fun.

Keep her happy and you’ll have a paddling partner for life. been there, done that. going on 25 years.


oh yeah
KEV or F/G. 56 lbs. and 63 lbs.

it’s a sweet boat. paddles GREAT as a solo too.


Kayaking together for two seasons
My wife and I purchased the 145T w/rudder last season. Thanks to the advice on we made the right decision for us. We are very pleased with the 145T…with a rudder…we try to get out as often as possible now that we are empty nesters. The kayak glides very well, initial stability is great…secondary is even better. When we paddle together I always sit in back…5’10", 200lbs. She is 5’7" 120lbs and not as strong a paddler as I. It took some time to synchronize our strokes…when she sticks her paddle in the water I do the same. Sometimes we click paddles but we are gaining experience. I think we can pull a skier with how fast we paddle together. The best thing I like about this kayak is the efficiency…glide. If my wife is tired I can paddle the kayak and she can go along for the ride. I also fly fish from this kayak. It works as good as a solo as it does a tandem. I had some trouble loading it at 69lbs to my Trailblaser until I bought a RollerLoader from the reviews on this site. It has saved my back and neck and works as a cart to carry it to waters edge. As fas as tandems being “divorce boats” I don’t see it. Maybe those couples were having troubles before they bought the kayak. We don’t have any problems and we only do short trips in ours. No overnight camping yet…I like a hotel for that. We also have a Wenonah Prospector 16’ in kevlar that we have not taken out since we bought the yak. Anyone interested in a good canoe? Trade for another kayak? We are going on 25 years together and I wish we started kayaking back then.

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Congrats on the Tandem
We, the wife and I, own a Loon 160T and love it. We paddle it tandum and quad, with the two little kids. For us, haven’t found it to be a divorce boat. Just think of all the canoer’s out there. Perhaps it is because we started out kayaking together in rec tandems, and only recently have been renting and paddling sea kayak singles. I too like the idea of alternating resting as the other person paddles. Of course we are not trying to race as we paddle, just sight see and spend time together.

We actually tested the Pamlico 145T this weekend at the kayak Expo here in SoCal. We like it a lot. Much lighter and more responsive than our Loon. But much smaller also. We also liked the stability with the boys leaning over the side and back and forth. Skicking hands and feet in the water, keeping themselves busy. It would be a good boat to complement our Loon, as the family is growing in number and size!


Great Perspective
THANX FLATPICK for your interesting take. I vow to get her a better paddle and designer PFD. I’ll try to get past the missionary paddling position and sometimes let her sit in back . . . and steer.

Trimming Pamlico 145T Lite
Purchased a used Pamlico 145T Lite kayak last fall, and my wife and I are enjoying it very much. Based on the 60+ pounds, I’m assuming it is fiberglass, no kevlar; maybe flatpick can confirm.

With the front seat adjusted back to the rearmost tandem setting, loaded 120 lbs. in the bow seat and 150 lbs in the stern seat, the boat seems to slightly wander. Not related to wind, just starts to turn left or right on extended glide. Confirmed results with another similar pair of paddlers. Moving front seat another 4-6" aft seems to help, but stern leg room suffers. I could add a jug of water to the stern, but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, and maybe tried moving the stern seat back 4" or so?

I have tried it set up for solo, and the glide was straight.

Is there any way to “read” the wave created by the bow, to know when a kayak is properly trimmed?

THANX GSTARK. There is an issue of trim [level front & back] with 2 people of differing weights on adjustable seats. If my memory serves from canoeing there is a unique wake wave pattern created by the trim boat weight distribution. Any tandem experts out there with advice? THANX

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