Pamlico bulkhead kits

I recently purchased a Pamlico 140 that had the opening and hatch cover but did not include the foam portion of the bulkhead. Does anyone know of a place that I could order the foam piece precut for that boat? It seems that during the two-week period from the time that I purchased the boat and called to schedule a time to bring it in for installation, the price had increased 50%. Therefore, I am looking for a more cost efficient option. I have installed my own rudders and replaced seats; therefore, I feel that I should be able to accomplish this. However, I don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make a template.

Thanks for any advice.

Sorry to say so , but…
You’ll have to conjure one up yourself, Mr. Wizard. At this time, neither Wildy nor Voyageur offer prefab bulkheads for any of their boats to be purchased separately.


me, me
I can get you a Pungo 140 bulkhead kit.

either the pattern (free) or a cut piece of minicell that would glue right in.

email me