Pamlico / Plastic Yak Repair

My Pamlico 160 has a hole about 2 inches in diam broken out of the top. Caused by too much down force when boat was stored hanging from handle.

Suggestions about repair material to bond broken piece back in place?

too much force?
what happened?

weld it. no glue will work


…contact your dealer for plastic “welding rods” & then buy or rent an industrial heat gun (unless you want to risk making even more of a mess with a torch). Good luck.

take it to someone who welds plastic…professionally.

there’s a welder in PDX who is very reasonable and does excellent work. I’ve had him do a number of BIG jobs and have always been happy.


Link to a repair sites…
I repaired a hole in my boat with a heat gun (paint stripper) and some plastic welding rods supplied by Perception. You might want to ask your dealer if they can get hatch cut-outs from the manufacturer, because a 2" hole will be difficult to fill in with just the rods.

My repair job does not look very pretty, but it’s strong and does not leak.

Here is a link to a site that explains in detail the procedure:

here is another link with some good info:

Good luck!

Link I ran across, for Plastic Welding North of Chattanooga Tennessee