Panama City Beach FL

Going down for a few days with the family and meet up with the in-laws.Wife has done told me not to plan on paddling the whole time there,so any info on some short trips in area where I can get away for a few hours would be greatly apreciated.



It’s Been Thirty Years Gone Since
It’s been 30 years since I spent my summers at Panama City Beach, but I bet they rent Sit On TOps somewhere on the beach


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paddling in a pool....

The water's so clear and the sand is so white that I thought I was in a nice sparkling new pool at a house here in Miami. BIG pool, sure, but a pool nonetheless...

...until I was surrounded by a pod of 7 dolphins. That, my friend, was magical...

But in truth? You'll probably do better paddling-wise if you try the Bay and the inland waters. No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you about either particular venues or shops way up there at the other end of the state, but I've got to believe they ARE there -google it and see what you get.

You may find the backwaters are truly a marvelous place to


-Frank in Miami

Shell Island
You can rent kayaks at St Andrews State Park located at the end of the pennisula. Paddle across the channel to Shell Island, beautiful day trip.

Take a drive down the coast to Appalachicola a small fishing village. There is a museum there commorating the invention of the first air conditioned house.

Try to make it to St Joseph St Park also near Appalach.

Other than beachcombing, cruising the strand, drinking beer, eating pizza and buying T shirts I can’t think of anything else to do at Panama City Beach…

shell island
how far of a crossing is it to shell island? I found a ferry service,but I was planning on taking my own kayak no need to rent.was mainly wondering places to put-in (bays ,inlets,lagoons).

We are staying at Laguna beach which is on the west side of Panama City beach. anything is apreciated .



shell island channel
about 800 meters to Shell Island. Like you found there is a ferry over if you want.

Shell Island
If you make the crossing to Shell Island make sure you are prepared. I have done it several times and it can get rough. The current can be faster than paddling speed and the waves can stand up tall. There is also heavy boat traffic and you start feeling small fast out there. If you plan on rounding the jetties be extra careful. I consider the crossing a high intermediate crossing and the trip around the jetties advanced. Make sure you check the tide tables, weather and don’t try it on a weekend.

There is some good paddling on the back side of Shell Island and the island provides some protection. You have all the benifits of the island without the crossing. There is also more to see on the backside of the island. You won’t regret it. It is beautiful.

If you have some time travel east about 50 miles and the choices are endless.

Panama city Beach Paddling
Shell Island is fun. Some other ideas include:

Western Lake at Grayton Beach State Park (about 20 miles west of PCB). Paddle around large white sand dunes and back a canal behind Seagrove if the water is high. There is an inlet to the Ocean at Grayton Beach. Put in at public ramp at Grayton Beach.

Lake Powell next close to Carillon Beach on West end of PCB. There’s a public ramp. Paddle down pretty creeks and Phillip’s inlet into gulf.

Crooked Creek is nice but hard to find. Park under the bridge.

Econfina Creek is about 40 miles from PCB, but you’ need a shuttle there. There’s an outfitter there, but can’t remember the name.

You can rent a boat from Pat at the Canoe Shop in Panama City and take the boat where you like. You could also rent a boat from Marlice at Kayak Experience in Destin. Either of them can give you good ideas about where to paddle around PCB. have fun. It’s beautiful there.

Eden State Gardens & East Bay

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Jeremy - are you staying on the East end or West end of PCB? It makes a difference for quick paddles. But here are some other ideas another idea. About 15 miles West of PCB, on 98, you'll see a sign for Eden State Gardens. If you take a right on that sign and travel about a quarter of a mile, the road ends at a boat ramp to a real pretty bayou that feeds into the water way. You can paddle past Eden State Gradens with its pretty oak trees and Spanish moss. Many times, the Gulf is as flat as a lake down there and you can paddle right in the Gulf, too. Have fun. If you are on the East end, you might park your car at the park across from Gulf Coast Community College and paddle around East Bay. Oh yeah. And if you are interested in kayak fishing, there's a guy who rents OK Prowlers and takes people on Eco tours in big water, but I can't remember his name. He has a shop in Sea Grove (about 15 miles West of PCB). PCB is a great place to paddle. Have fun.

the info. on places is what I was looking for. I am staying about a mile west of Panama City beach at Laguna Beach. My father in-laws boss has a rental house down there and gave him a few days off to go check it out.

Thanks again


Paddling near Laguna Beach

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Jeremy - OK - Laguna beach! The places I mentioned on the West end of PCB will be real convenient (Lake Powell paddling past Camp Helen into the Gulf, Eden State Gardens, and a little further West, Grayton Beach). The West end is the "quiet end" of PCB and lots of good paddling. Another place I fogot to mention, which will be great from Laguna Beach: you'll probably come in over Rt 79, through Ebro, and over the Inter Coastal Waterway bridge and you'll see a sign for a restauraunt called The Boondocks just under the bridge across the Inter Coastal. There's a boat ramp and parking lot right under that bridge. Paddle left around the sea grasses. Paddle right to East Bay and also probably about a mile to the left will be the entrance to Crooked Creek. All great flatwater paddling, if the winds and waves are too high in the Gulf.