Paper Boat

Hey All,

I just started a blog on a paper boat I recently finished. Well, paper hull and wood frame and lots of glue,fillers, screws, and paint. I used materials I could find that were waiting to be thrown away or recycled in some way.

If you’re interested. . .

. . . I know I’d be interested in what you think.

It was a lot of fun, anyone could do it, and I ended up spending $14.00 on materials I couldn’t scrounge elsewhere.

Have fun!


Have you paddled it?
Birch bark canoes come to mind.

There was a guy years ago that made paper airplanes (not toys) at least the outside skin was partially paper, it’s the Molt Taylor Imp, might do a web search.

Bill H.

Back in the 1800s, many competition
rowing shells were made of paper mache. I think the wide sheets of western red cedar used for shells in the early 20th century were not yet affordable in the 19th.

Anyone know if some canoes were made of paper mache around 1900?

Glad I spotted the Ken Cupery link
in your article, which I reproduce here.

Answers a lot of my questions about paper boats, but leaves a gap regarding wooden rowing shells of the time. Now, of course, everything has gone to Kevlar and carbon.