Paradise at Hilton Head

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The whole family spent last week at HH. The beach is beautiful; the crowds not so much. Rush hour was about 6 hours a day. We had a house with a canal in the back yard, complete wit a couple of gators. Just past the canal was a hole on the golf course.I spent a lot of time in the back yard because as hot as it was, it was shaded by magnificent live oaks and palm trees. I got to see a lot of bad golf.
The highlight of the trip for me was a late afternoon paddle at the Pinckney Island NWR which is a series of marsh islands just before you cross Skull Creek to enter HH. Most visitors never realize they are there.
My grandson and I spent a couple of hours cruising the islands and ended the day almost outrunning a huge T-storm. We just got a bit damp.

The refuge also has several miles of biking/ hiking trails.

Raced sailboats up there many years ago.
Is there still a Tex-Mex restaurant in the shopping center called Dos Borrachos?

No idea. The south end of the island has restaurants everywhere. I only left the house once , except for paddling ,to get a sandwich and go to the grocery.

'Twus around 1980 and we raced off the beach at I think the Hilton. It was a few weeks after Labor Day, the weather was still great but most of the businesses were already closed for the winter. We ate most of our meals at Dos Borrachos… Googled them and they are history.

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Nice Photos! Looks like a storm in the background of number 3.

Thanks Flotsam. That was the storm that caught us at the ramp. Thankfully, it had expended its huge store of lightening.
Years ago I was caught out there in one that had all of its lightening. I have never felt so insignificant.

Nice - it’s tough when vacation ends.


It wasn’t that tough for me to come home. We had 18 people in one house. There were 3 boys 4 and under, 2 preteen girls, 3 teen boys, 4 adult couples, a grandmother , and a great grandmother.
I am a one on one guy and spent the week trying to hide.