Paris Encounters The Merman Of The North


So, what’s the story for the guy in ice water? Looks like scuba equipment on him. Enquiring minds.


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These guys dive year round.


Divers have dry suits for cold water too, but they are way more complicated than our paddling versions. When I took the PADI course we shared the pool with an underwater cinematographer who was getting one-on-one instruction in donning and use of a diving drysuit (there is a PADI certification for their use). He was heading to Lake Baikal in Russia to shoot for a documentary.

Watching the instructor teach him to wear and use it indicated it was quite a complex garment to use – the buoyancy balance of tuning just how much air is inside the suit is critical to their use. But according to our instructor, they allow more extended diving in cold water than 7 mm wetsuits and with better warmth and mobility.

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