Parkersburg WV Put-In??

I’ll be here tomorrow (Thursday). Would like to poke around on the river near town for a bit. Where’s a good place to put in at?? I prefer a ramp or river bank over a dock side entry.

Thanks in advance.


I may be too late with this reply…
but I paddle the Ohio and its tributaries there frequently when visiting the in-laws. Putting in at Civitan Park in Belpre is a good launch. You are positioned for a circumnavigation of Blennerhasset Island, or a trip down to Parkersburg and up the Kanawha River. The current is noticeable on the Ohio but I can handle it pretty well except at choke points. Surfing the wakes of the river tows is fun. Once had the honor of surfing the Delta Queen’s wake.

Put in right where you suggested and had a really nice afternoon. Your reply was right on time.