Parking overnight at launches

My friends and I are planning an overnight kayak/camping trip on the Connecticut River in Vermont. Currently we plan to park at the Cornish Boat landing in NH, and downstream at Hoyte’s Landing in VT.

Does anyone know if overnight parking is allowed at those?

Thanks for any help.

a suggestion and request
check the launch map on this website. Chances are the launch has been added to the map, and there may be additional info regarding it.

But if the launch isn’t mapped or if there isn’t additional info, please add to it after your trip!

looks like you are good

Just call
the local constabulary and let them know you’ll be there. It’s good manners and they’ll probably even keep an eye on the vehicle.

you took the words right out of my mouth.

think of it as filing a float plan

You were
going to say “constabulary”? :wink:

i was
really i was. i paused to check the spelling and you beat me to it