Partner Steel Company Camping Gear

I am curious, do any of you guys use Partner Steel Camping gear? They specialize in River and camping trips. I just found out about them a couple weeks ago. I took a tour of their shop and it is awesome. They make everything from raw materials. They use machines to get the shape they want but it is all done by hand. Impressive company that is flying under the radar, for now.

You might give us a link.

Bomber stuff, but I can’t afford it
so I don’t use it.

I use their stuff for whitewater rafting. Between my rafting buddy & I, we own almost every stove they make. 2,4, and 6 burners. I also have one of their compact fire pans for rafting. It’s great. They also made me a kayaker fire pan for paddling trips. Packs small, very sturdy.