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hi has anyone ever tried to get parts for kayak from pelican? i sent email and they are requiring number off of kayak which i dont have. the kayaks are up north at cabin upper mi. and i wont be going up till snow is melted. i would like to get parts before we go up for our first trip. if anyone has any ideas on anywhere else to get the rear storage hatch door and the ring that goes onto kayak please let me know. the kayak is potomac catalst 10ft.

hope some one can help
thank you

Pelican procedures
I have been in contact with Pelican several times about different things and the first thing Linda, we are on a first name basis now, ask me is what is the serial number of the boat. They seem lost and confused without that number. She usually responds back quickly and gives me their multi digit and letter model number for the kayak in question then ask me what I need. I think there may be some language barrier as Linda speaks French for the most part. If you have the serial number you are good to go as they get right on your request. Without it, well, you are as the French say, SOL.

I would guess that Linda isn’t sure what
parts diagram to work from, without the serial number. Some folks would be able to decide from a customer’s verbal description.

catayst #
a parts sheet is what i had asked about and that didnt seem to be an assuming there must be a couple different designs. I cant beleive there is. so i guess i will have to go on first trip with no hatch and everything exposed. that sucks.I cant beleive i cant get parts with out driving 4 1/2 hrs. in spring in need of a serial #

anyone have a number off there catalyst i could use?

thanks the help anyway