PAS sails

I am thinking of looking into the possibility of getting a PAS sail for our big tandem expedition kayak and would like to get opinions from those that have them or any other make.

Jack L

I like a couple other rigs better.
Jack I really like the Sprit rigged Flat Earth Kayak Sail better and I have one you can try out. Let me know if you want me to bring it to the French Broad Classique.

My favorite kayak rig is a lug rig that is another square sided sail. There are lots of pictures on my blog at:

The PAS is really easy to set up and transfer to many different boats, it is a well proven design and a very durable system than many swear by. But many Watertribers are looking towards other systems these days.

Thanks Frank
By the way, did you happen to follow the EC this year.

It was the worst weather in the history of the race, and naturally this is the year we attempted to do it

We just got back from the awards ceremony where a hardy 18 boats finished from a field of eighty.

I’ll let you know on the sail.

We are just looking into it, for possibly using it next year

Jack L

not too impressed
I used PAS once a few years ago and was not impressed.

To me it looked like a rather rudimentary sail optimised for downwind sailing.

These days I use Flat Earth sails (disclosure: I have a working relationship with FE_testing) and I am yet to find a better kayak sail.

For a short movie of what Flat Earth can do:
You might want to check out

There’s several videos on YouTube showing the WindPaddle.

I have a PAS and have been happy
It is best for downwind but will handle 30 deg. or more off either side. You can put it on a boat without adding fittings. Let me know if you want more info Jack.

I have heard good things about FE sails too but haven’t had a chance to try one yet.



I did follow the EC and the UFC a bit.
Are you going to the French Broad Classique? What about the Lumber river race? I know it is in September and I plan to do it this year.

Informative thread on sails
Over on ST:

Would be interesting to get TommyC1’s input and pictures re his sail rigs for open canoes.

Sail for a tandem
I have used a Kayaksailor sail rig on our Tandem Kaskazi Duo ARX

I posted comments and photos at

Sail for tandem
The kayaksailor rig also has lubberboards that can be raised and lowered

Years ago I put a sprit sail and lubberboards on my Jensen 18 which flew but the narrow beam on the Jensen made it tippy for sailing

I had the Kaskazi made in a lightweight layup( 65 lbs) but at 19 1/2 feet long and 27" beam it is most likely narrower than Jackls tandem

Kayak Sail Comparison
I recently updated my kayak sail comparison here:

Sail Company
check out Falcon Sails, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better rig, personal service, high quality.