Passat G3 owners and users of this Seaward tandem or other Seaward hulls.?

Thoughts on the Passat G3 over all kayak?

Rudder system controls / haul lines?

Pedals are Smart Track toe control vs Sea-lect I’m use to?

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I do not have direct experience with the Passat but it is a popular choice for a tandem for the Everglades Challenge. Reports I have heard is that the boat is fast and handles rough water very well.

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how is rudder held down on Seaward hulls ?

CD boat haul line goes in a clam cleat. there is a small bungee section in the haul line that allows ruffer to kick up.

I thought it was a VW.

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That could be a definite advantage in the EC. May need sponsons, though.

Seaward Passat G3 has no electrical problems. :joy:

I’ve not heard of anyone using sponsons on a Passat and I know of a couple who use small (<1m2) sails. Most sea kayak tandems are pretty stable, especially when loaded with gear.

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Ok I see rudder cables now go inside the hull. Now wondering if the rudder controls are inside the cockpit? How would you put rudder up or down with the skirt on?

Seems they still use pedal arrangement similar to Yakima sliders which I hate. Not sure if they can be swapped out for Sea-lect pedals because seaward uses heavier SS cable.

I see it has Smasrt Track toe control pedals now.

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Klepper made a folding sailboat hull (wood frame, canvas skin) they called a Passat. Kinda the size and shape of a Sea Snark. First thing I thought of when I saw OP (folder geek that I am.)