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How do you rig a canoe to make it comfortable for passengers in a tandem? That is, if you wanted 1 or 2 additional people sitting in the middle of the canoe. Is it as simple as placing some padding in the middle for them to sit? I would love to see some pictures if you have them.

folding canoe chair.

Take the center yoke or thwart out and
replace it with a seat.

If you are handy it is a simple do it yourself job.

Seats can be purchased at most paddling shops.



Cheap/good seats for your canoe
Here’s a simple approach: head to the local big box and buy one of those cheap folding beach chairs. It is important that it be LOW to the ground: short legs are important (even critical) because you want to keep your passenger’s weight low in the canoe. Wrap the horizontal portion of the “legs” with pipe wrap foam or, better yet, sections of pool noodles; now tape it up. This will pad the seat’s legs to avoid damaging your canoe and keep the seat from sliding around. This approach has worked well for us for more than 20 years. If you have children, buy one of the the beach chairs that are sized specifically for kids. They’ll be much more comfortable than any jury-rigged arrangement and, like the adult size, this type of seat will keep their butts out of the bildge water. And its cheap! Paddle On!

Nice Ideas
I’ll be on the look out for some small beach chairs or canoe folding chairs. Thanks!

I have a 4 yr old and 6yr old
They just sit on old square boat cushion style life preservers.It keeps them out of the bilge water and they are padded.