Passing Borders

Hello, I know this will likely be specific to a country but I am just wondering if there are any special rules for passing into another country by Kayak? I live in the UAE and want to travel up the coast into Oman - how would this work? Do I need to stop at border control and give them my passport?! Just a general response is all I am looking for, not necessarily specific to the UAE/Oman!

Check with country’s officials
as they control the border not users of this board. Good luck on your journey and please share your experiences.

During the Yukon 1000 mile race

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the race passes from the Yukon Territory into Alaska. Even though each racer's names and standard information was passed in advance, we were required to stop in Eagle AK shortly after crossing the border to show our passports and get a stamp. I talked to the customs agent (Chuck) in advance, and he said he would have us in and out in less than 2 minutes. That would have been the case, but he was such an interesting character and nice guy that when we finally arrived we ended up spending 20 minutes chatting with him. Unfortunately Chuck was killed some time afterward when his vehicle rolled down an embankment due to a road washout on a steep slope.

I recall once years ago
driving a power boat with my wife and three young children north up Lake Memphremagog from the boat ramp in Newport Vermont into Quebec. I was oblivious to the fact that I was of course required to stop at the Canadian Customs office on the western shore before proceeding into Canada. It wasn’t long before a customs official stopped me and escorted me to the office. They were very nice to me and after a short chat sent us on out way. Made a great impression on the kids that day!

Can’t generalize
You can’t generalize about border crossing requirements, especially in that part of the world that you are in. Rules vary at every border and can even vary from week to week at any given one, depending on local and international issues.

Crossings here between the US and Canada (which some others have reported) are probably some of the most cordial in the world, but you are in a region of far more political complexity and even the complication of coastal piracy in some regions. I would strongly suggest checking both with the consulate of your passport home country in the UAE and with that of the country or countries you plan to pass into before attempting to paddle across borders. Heading out without knowledge of what challenges you could face from official or unofficial authorities could cost you anything from inconvenience or embarrassment to even an unfortunate arrest, detention and/or confiscation of your boat and gear (or worse.)

Be prepared with proper credentials and advice and paddle safely.