Pasta sauce for lightweight camping

Does anyone know of a product or recipe out there for freeze dried pasta sauce? Is there anything like sauce in a foil bag like the newer set up for tuna and chicken? How about a recipe for dehydrated spaghetti sauce?

Don’t know about the pasta sauce, but
have you tried the ground meat that comes in the foil packs like the chicken and tuna? It’s quite good, and comes in plain, italian and mexican. If you find the sauce mix, you could add the foil pack of meat to it.

make spathetti sauce with no meats
and dehydrate it.

Want meat? add shredded beef jerky and rehydrateir for 15 minutes and heat it with the sauce. Jerky will be chewy though even if rehydrated.

bottom line is fats tend to go rancid. Id just dehydrate some sauce, and carry a tiny bit of real parmigianno regiano for that died and gone to heaven flavor. Yes it is expensive but it does not take much. for lower budget trips I’d buy the KRAFT stuff of the shelf.

Aseptic packaging
I’m not sure if they make spaghetti sauce, but an Italian company produces various tomato sauces in aseptic packaging. That’s the “brick pak” like you see juice boxes in. You should be able to find it in a large supermarket. It has a very long shelf life with no refrigeration. Milk also comes this way and can go unrefrigerated until opened. They use a lot of this in European countries, but it never really took off here that way. I used to work for the major int’l mfr. of the aseptic package.

Dehydrated spaghetti sauce
Line your dehydrator tray(s) with plastic wrap or you could use disposable pizza pans also. Pour your spaghetti sauce on the plastic wrap and spread to consistently thin layer. Dehydrate until dry - no wet spots (overnight or a little longer). Peel off your sauce leather and put in blender. Blend until powder and bag it. It’s ready for use on your back country trip!

Anyone use them? You can find them in tons of places on-line… some are better than others I understand.

We packed them for a 14 day sailing trip in the Bahamas. We didn’t use them exclusively of course but for those portions of the trip where we weren’t at a marina and were underway or at anchorage they worked great.

Low volume packaging… heat them up in any kind of water… last nearly forever if not opened.

With some creative culinary skills, you can add to them to improve the flavor.

By the way if sailing in the Bahamas sounds real cushy… well, it was very nice! But… put 4 adults on a 33 foot sailboat with one “icebox” smaller than the average styrofoam cooler that only runs when you are running on marina power or burning up your battery… and it’s not that much different than planning a camping trip with a bunch of kayakers.

Still, depending on the wind it’s a heck of a lot easier to get somewhere. Although we’ve been out on days where I’m sure some of you could set a faster pace than we do.


Go with Olive oil
Prepare an olive oil mixture at home, little oil, red pepper flakes, salt & pepper, garlic and your allset or a pesto sauce already prepared. Doesn’t take very much for a meal or two.