Pat Moore canoe project photos.

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Here is the project boat. It is definitely a Pat Moore boat, probably a Peter Pond from what everyone has suggested.

Here is the URL for the photos I have so far. The HIN Identifies it as a 1977 Pat Moore canoe, as do the stickers on the bow.

It appears to be a shallow arch hull, 17' long. There isn't a lot wrong with it, except the aluminum that is loose. The added fiberglass deck plates for and aft are pretty hideous.. The seats are in perfect shape, inside the hull shows very little wear. The exterior glass is a bit scratched, but mainly from laying out with debris on it.

Any suggestions, information etc. greatly appreciated..


A Peter Pond
Looks like a Peter Pond II. [Was there a III?] It was the first asymmetrical recreational hull.

If you think you have a collector’s piece, the original rails should be installed w/ wood/ aluminum cross bars.

To make a workable hull out of it with less frustration, get new rails from a Wenonah/ Bell or Swift dealer. Pop rivets go pretty fast.

Its an older model.
I have found remnants of the wood pins used to hold the gunnels on. I will probably be replacing all the aluminum with wood.

I have never done this, but it doesn’t look too hard to do… of course I have been wrong before…

Eds’ Canoe parts and Essex Industries both provide pre-rabited wood.

send me an email at and I’ll forward our wood installation protocol.

It is easy.

LOL… Found it!! A quick google search

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I found the Ed's shippable kit online just before logging back in here..

Email sent...

Peter Pond II
Yep, it is definitely a PP II. 1977 fits perfectly in the PMC timeline. I had one from the same year. If you want to keep it original you can replace the wood pegs with pvc pipe. It works perfectly doesn’t rot or squeak. The process is really simple. Just cut the pvc pipe to proper length, install them in the holes in the hull and slide the gunwales on. Of course you will have to drill out the rivets for the deck plates. If you want to fancy it up you can get replacement gunwales, thwarts and the fancy cane bucket seats from Ed’s canoe.

The PP II was once rated as the best overall tandem canoe in the world. If the truth be known, it probably still is with the possible exception of the Sawyer Cruiser.

Thanks for the info.

I wonder how it will paddle with a center solo seat…

I think for Wisconsin it will have a lot more glide than my Supernova…

I am still on the bubble on the restoration. Fully redone with wood and new paint job, it would be a real beauty… The wood thwarts aren’t that expensive. I will keep the tandem seats in it as they are in perfect condition.

It would be a lot lower maintenance with the aluminum gunnels. There isn’t a dent in them anywhere.

OK, desision made.
I am going with the original aluminum for now. I just can’t see the expense. The aluminum is in perfect shape. I have to remove the endplates anyway, they are cracked. No reason to not go with the aluminum.

Hopefully Sunday it will be nice enough to start buffing on the canoe to see if I have to paint, or if it will buff out.