Pat Moore Canoe

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I was cleaning one of my canoes this morning, thinking of selling it. Don't know much about what canoes are worth, so decided to look for a brand on it. It has a sticker that says Pat Moore Canoes, etc. Went to the net and found you folks. Someone had posted pictures of a similar canoe he is redoing. Seems I have the same Mad River Pat Moore Peter Pond II canoe, in blue. It's in very nice condition and does not need any restoring. So now I ask you; what is a fair price?
By the way, the label on the Canoe has the Indianapolis address. The serial number suggests it's a 1978, but I read that they went out of business as Vega in 1977.

Canoe is 17' long.
Serial No. PMA010100778.
I'm in Indiana.

Just opinion from the owner of a '73
Moore Voyageur. You could ask $650 and see what response you get. Don’t go much lower than that. I would rather see the boat in the hands of someone who appreciates it and is willing to pay a reasonable price. I’m sure some would ask more.

I would think

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Honestly. Sell if for what its worth to you to no longer own it.

I would go with $400-750 depending on condition. If its been stored inside and is really perfect, maybe more. Condition and location are the keys..Price glass boats, they don't come cheap.

It's a fine glass boat and is supposed to be really nice on the water. I hope to find out soon!