Pat Moore Canoe

 I have a 17' fiberglass Pat Moore Canoe.  Don't know model.  # stamped on side is PMA010350477.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Value?  Was recently refurbished and is in excellent shape.

There are some
but the HIN is not model specific.

Go measure legth and width

And a picture.

It’s 17’long and 35" wide. Can’t figure out how send pic on this site! It’s white with a blue interior. Has no rocker, but does have a slight side to side curve. No keel Aluminum gunwales, and molded seats. Previous owner refurbished the hull so it’s in great shape… a few surface scratches. Could send pic to email.

you need a photo hosting site like
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search “Pat Moore 17 feet canoe” and you will get several hits.

Probably a Peter Pond II
Pat designed and manufactured the Peter Pond II as an early Swede-Form recreational boat in the mid 70s. It was later manufactured by Mad River Canoe for a while. The original Peter Pond was a short class racer made by Moore Canoe, then Vega Integral Plastics, a slick symmetrical hull by his father and Howie LaBrant.

Pat Moore
Thanks for the info. Any idea how much they went for new? Or how much they’re worth now?

Pat Moore
Have it posted on Craigslist. Posting # 5514143486

Which Craigslist??
No idea of your location.

Of course value depends on location but canoes don’t appreciate and yours id 40 years old.

And it is 69 lbs

I would guess four hundred. I had a Galt Dandy that I paid seven hundred for and DY said I overpaid.

The PPII was originally about $390 but ballooned to $800 as we paid for the Vietnam War through inflation. The Moore laminate was similar to Sawyer’s glass laminate with heavy 18 oz glass roving for an inner layer. The boats were stiff but a little brittle and had the potential for water to seep into the heavy fabric’s intersticies with predictably disastrous results in climbs where water freezes. Strangely, Pat insisted MRC copy the old lamination schedule when they made the hull.

Buff the hull out with rubbing compound, ask $500.